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Automate Your Houston Area Office

Workplaces in today’s age of the internet and smart technology need to cater to employee needs for efficient workflow. When you think of a modern office you tend to think more in the realm of modern furniture, open spaces, and the like. However, what we’re focusing on is bigger than that, we’re talking modern functionality – a smart office.

What Is A Smart Office?

A smart office is a workspace that combines the power of smart technology with human interaction and oversight. It has tools that allow your employees to work smarter and faster while boosting overall job satisfaction and morale. The stats reflect this fact as the smart office market value is projected to reach nearly $60 billion in the next four years.

A smart office conversion is a cost-effective way to turn your aging workspace into a powerful asset that delivers on benefits such as:

  • Increased Productivity—Employees get stressed out trying to work within inefficient workspaces. That decreases morale and motivation to do a better job. Better hardware, processes, and software foster better productivity
  • Simplifies Workflow—With smart technology it is easy to simplify task scheduling, document sharing, and communication within the office.
  • Boosts Employee Engagement— The most effective workspaces are ones where employees are engaged with each other and clients. It allows them to come to work full of energy and full of useful ideas.

Getting Connected

Central to the functionality of a smart office is the use of a smart, learning ecosystem that manages the office with connected devices. This is referred to as the Internet of Things and includes tech such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Envirocare offers smart office conversions that take all of this IoT tech and retrofit it to your existing workspace. The result is a completely renewed space that gives your employees a new vision, energy, and capabilities.

Breaking Down A Smart Office Conversion

When we convert an office we bring it into the 21st century through the use of many different devices and infrastructure upgrades. While there are a limitless amount of tools, methods, and technologies you can implement into your conversion these are the most common.

Smart Desks & Workspaces

Smart desks & workspaces are themselves defined by multiple technologies. These can include ergonomic self-adjusting desks that move from sit to stand. In conference workspaces, it can also include digital whiteboards that document what’s written on them for reference later. Meeting rooms can also be integrated with a built-in Zoom conferencing system. Systems like these can automatically track facial movements and detect who’s speaking, making sure they are in frame.

Smart Security

Where security cameras used to rely solely on old-school videotape to view activity after it happened, the internet changes that. Now, you can monitor your office from a smartphone anywhere in the world. Today’s smart security systems can use cameras to detect unauthorized entry after hours and automatically notify the police and provide the footage. Additionally, smart locks can ensure that a door is never accidentally left unlocked. Employees can enter using biometrics or passcodes and doors automatically lock behind. There’s so much more as this is only touching the surface of what these systems can do.

Intelligent Environment Control

One of the weakest points in the budget of any office is energy waste—lights left on, AC running after hours, etc. With smart environment control, climate can be automatically adjusted based on occupancy and lighting can be controlled using motion sensors.

Voice Control

Using your voice to control your smart speakers at home is convenient and cool. However, using it in the workplace is a game-changer. You can be in the middle of a meeting and say, “Alexa, presentation mode.” Immediately the lights dim, and your TV or projector turn on and connect, ready for you to begin.

Ready To Make The Switch?

If you’re ready to convert your office with smart technology and boost your productivity, you can start today. We provide conversions that work within many budgets and can do modular conversions that allow you to expand as finances allow.

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