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Tomball may be far enough north of Houston and Galveston to escape the most intense parts of hurricanes and tropical storms. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t come out unscathed, especially when our thunderstorms can be just as damaging.

When flooding, fire, or storms damage your Tomball or Houston area home, you can trust Envirocare to restore your home.

We are one of the most experienced teams in Houston disaster restoration. Usually, with contractors that perform restorations, they just know the renovation side of things.

At Envirocare however, we are well versed in the insurance claim process and help you get your claim filed and handled expediently. While other contractors can’t do anything to help you, we are there to get the process moving on both fronts.

We restore homes with various degrees of flood, fire, and storm damage and there’s not a job too large for us. You can count on us for projects such as:

Water Damage Restoration

When your home floods due to a storm, burst water pipe, or other reason, you need disaster restoration in Houston you can trust. Envirocare only hires licensed technicians that are disaster restoration specialists. We are fully bonded and insured and our teams know that the last thing you need is added stress. Let us handle the plumbing repairs, water cleanup, and restoration and it will look brand new.

Storm Damage Restoration

Sometimes it’s not water damage that a storm levels on your home. With heavy winds and our infamous tornadoes, sometimes it can be a tree through your roof. When your home’s structural integrity is compromised from debris or a tree causing damage during a storm—it’s dangerous.

You don’t want to worry about your family’s safety, you want the problem resolved and your home safely restored ASAP. With our experience in insurance claim processing, we’ll get you through the process and begin the work quickly.

Fire Damage Restoration

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as a fire breaking out in your home. It leaves you both emotionally scarred and physically, it leaves you homeless in some cases. Once the fire is put out by our brave firefighters, contact Envirocare. We’ll get your home restored safely, securely, and as quickly as possible while ensuring quality work.

We’ll handle any demolition that needs to be done, remove smoke and soot, secure your belongings and store them safely, and get your restoration moving. There is nothing that you need to do but gather your family and be thankful for what you still have—we’ll handle the rest.

Mold Removal

Sometimes when something like an HVAC leak occurs or minor water damage, the home for the most part is unscathed. However, an equally dangerous problem goes undetected and continues to spread—mold.

Mold, if left untreated can grow rapidly and cause serious respiratory issues for all occupants of the home. Envirocare works directly with your insurance company and will remedy the mold problem. We’ll handle any excess water extraction, secure the affected areas, and disinfect your entire home and HVAC system.

The Best Disaster Restoration Team In Houston

Envirocare works directly with all insurance companies and we know the claims process inside and out. We’ll get through all the red tape expediently and get to work on restoring your home so you can move on with your life. Contact us today if your home has been damaged due to a disaster big or small.

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