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When you think of all the rooms you have in your home, which is the one where you begin and end your day? If you said the bedroom – you overlooked the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Think about it – before you go to bed you brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. When you wake up – you shower, shave and brush your teeth again to begin the day.

The bathroom is a very important space. It’s where many activities take place that are vital to our health and appearance. How invigorating is a hot shower in the morning when you’re still trying to wake up? How nice is it to have a well-lit vanity with all your make-up neatly organized and at arm’s reach? And let’s be honest, a lot of thinking happens in the bathroom as well.

Just like the kitchen, your bathroom goes through a lot of wear and tear. It is 80% or greater humidity in there 90% of the time. That level of humidity takes its toll on drywall, paint, grout, and many other components in your bathroom. You may notice dull grout, cracking tub or shower seals, maybe even some cracked tiles too.

Over time, it makes your bathroom feel less like a place of refuge and more like a place of mediocrity. You’d be surprised at the amount of joy and pride that a well-done bathroom renovation can give you.

Houston Bathroom Renovations Done Right

Since we are whole-home renovation specialists, Envirocare can transform any room in your home and make it brand new. Bathrooms are no exception—aside from kitchens; bathrooms are the most requested renovation inquiries we get.

It makes sense—when you stay in a luxury hotel; after the initial bedroom amenities, what wows you the most? The bathroom—well-appointed wall treatments, nice granite countertops, beautiful walk-in shower. It’s a nice escape from home right?

With a bathroom renovation that is done properly—you don’t need an escape. You have the luxury and that feeling in your own home.

Bathrooms, like kitchens, have so many options to choose from when completing your renovation such as:

  • Sinks
  • Vanities
  • Tile choices
  • Shower/tub selections
  • Mirrors
  • Accent pieces
  • Lighting

Each of the components you choose plays a huge role in how the overall design comes together. We help you make the right choices by helping you figure out what your style is. We consider your lifestyle, the size of your family, your basic needs, your desires. All these things meld together to influence the look of your bathroom.

Master Craftsmen At Work

We realize there are a lot of options when choosing a contractor to remodel your bathroom in Houston or Tomball. However, not all options are ideal. You must consider the level of skill with any contractor you hire.

For example, you could hire a contractor that can install a manufactured cabinet into a standard space. However, what about custom cabinets, and unique layouts with special tile patterns? Not all contractors have the same skill level, some are jack of all trades, master of none.

You need master craftsmen working on your bathroom if you want it built to last, period. When you hire Envirocare you get decades of combined experience from masters in the trade, not handymen.

Get Your Bathroom Renovation Done Right The First Time

Getting a renovation expert is the difference between a bathroom renovation that looks professionally built and a DIY YouTube mess. Don’t take that chance with your investment—contact us today for a free estimate to create your dream bathroom.

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